Trust PatientLink - medical records scanning for paper health forms

Paper forms continue to be a common method of gathering patient data. Patients typically prefer paper forms over tablets when entering large amounts of data. PatientLink’s innovative technology digitizes the form as it is scanned, pulling the discrete data elements from the form and sending the clinical data to the EHR.

PatientLink medical records scanning software saves time, increases revenue and provides a better overall experience for your patients and your team members. With your facilities unique needs in mind, PatientLink can create a series of customized forms that gather only the information you need.

PatientLink medical document scanning is NOT an imaging system.

PatientLink sends discrete, structured data into your electronic health records – no manual data entry needed. You can record past medical history, surgical history, social history, family history, review of systems, HPI, medications, allergies, scored assessments and procedure results – all within seconds!

The PatientLink standard system includes:

PatientLink software, software license, a multi-use scanner and standard forms to capture past medical history, surgical history, social history, family history, and review of systems.

Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos 7,487,102 & 7,941,328 from Willis Technologies, LLC.
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